“Code of Error” Jiang Naijun Solo Exhibition

102, Bldg 7, Moganshan Rd 50, Putuo District


Is code of error a language? "Code of Error" is a series of characters where some or all of the characters cannot be read due to the local computer using an inappropriate character set when opening the source file with a text editor, and the artist Jiang Naijun has created a system of error codes and characters in his own artistic way and perspective. This solo exhibition composes representative works from the artist Jiang Naijun's "Code of Error" series in recent years. These unique textual symbols and artworks are refreshing, forming a unique aesthetic form and cultural value, while at the same time incorporating internet buzzwords. In the age of artificial intelligence, code of error is an alternative language representing this era, and a very special kind of machine language. The art created by Jiang Naijun insinuates the current gibberish of people when they are confused, while at the same time giving new words of the times and using new words to interpret the classics, hoping to bring the audience a new reading experience, either familiar or unfamiliar and confusing.



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