“Invisible Visible” Summer Exhibition 2020

102, Bldg 7, Moganshan Rd 50, Putuo District


COSPACE's "Invisible Visible" Summer Exhibition 2020 is displaying Abstract paintings, Calligraphies, Sculptures, and Mixed media works by Yang Xiaojian, Xiao Min, Xie Aige, and Katharina Lehmann. This is not merely a reference to the classical aesthetic: no matter the so called "symbolism" or "expressionism", these western centric concepts are unable to capture the essence of the works that were made under multi-cultural circumstances. Hence, we tried to return to the roots of the artwork itself by approaching the Chinese Classical art theories. Not only focus on the beauty in form, but also the art making process, in order to bring our audience a brand new, or (you can say) forgotten view to communicate with contemporary art.



Name of official account: COSPACE 画廊