“Half Salt Half Salty”

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Salt is an objective existence in the material world. If the daily salt intake is too little, there is a risk of hair turning white; if too much, it is easy to cause diseases such as high blood pressure. Therefore, neither too much nor too little salt is advisable. As for whether it is salty or not, there is not only the premise of salt intake but also the acquired feeling cultivated by long-term taste training, survival needs, material acquisition, and other comprehensive factors. Salt and saltiness are the premises of each other. The fame of many artists is obtained from a certain material medium. Their creations endow the medium with new meaning, making the medium no longer the original physical material but the artist's own "flesh" in art—like salt and the taste of salt. And all the sweetness in the world can't get rid of its thinness, superficiality, inherent falseness, and greasy. You see, things that are too sweet usually can't escape the dreadful ending. These seven participating artists have always been at the forefront of contemporary art. They are of different ages and focus, but they all maintain due sincerity, vigilance, and tension in life, brave and reserved, just like using half of the salt when cooking. These artists do not condone art, let alone the exhibition. Therefore, we conducted a small experiment, in which the artist used a second medium and a third person's perspective to respond to the keywords of his own creation and to taste the saltiness of his own art. Half-salt and half-salty are the premises of each other in the artist. As how salty it is? Is left to you to taste slowly between the layers of art.

——Wang Xiaosong



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