“Out Look In” Guo Liwei Solo Exhibition

102, Bldg 7, Moganshan Rd 50, Putuo District


Throughout the ages, countless sensitive people have been searching for their position and meaning in infinite space and time. In this search, Gauguin expressed succinctly the title of one of his paintings: "Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?" Guo Liwei chose painting as the most suitable channel to find, think, and answer these questions in stages. Based on talent and interest, he believes that when facing points, lines, surfaces, and shapes, he can open his "spiritual orifices" in the process of grasping the cooperation of eyes, brains, and hands. Therefore, he has been able to paint with pleasure for more than 20 years, becoming increasingly addicted. What the hell am I? Guo Liwei is full of curiosity about this question, which attracts him to forget the rules and clear his habits in the process of painting, release his body and mind, and constantly approach the truth of "self". When these "truths" are gradually taking shape in the picture, he is what he is. Don't cover up, don't embellish, and accept it calmly. This calmness comes from his personality and his cognition of masterpieces in art history. He called it "the temperament". Looking at Guo Liwei's pictures, what he is more attached to is the natural, local, historical, traditional, local, and customary life situations. In each of his pictures, the common patterns are still two or three insignificant figures under the high sky and flowing clouds. The figures are also dressed in ancient and modern clothes. In the relationship formed between heaven and earth, mountains and water, woods and stones, architecture and characters, there are both mundane and transcendental dimensions, and the transcendental charm flows into the overall picture.
Guo Liwei goes deep into his heart again and again through painting. When the true state of "self" is naturally revealed through his works, he expresses his sense of the elusive energy of creation, and the relationship between mankind and this energy, intentionally or unintentionally. This relationship generates the unique humanistic background in his works...

—— Du Xiyun



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